AirQuest Aviation

Flight Training at AirQuest Aviation's Flight School

AirQuest Aviation's certified flight instructors will guide you from basic training to more advanced programs, helping you achieve your Dream of Flight. At AirQuest Aviation, we pride ourselves on the quality of instruction given.

Training programs include: 

Private Pilot | Instrument Rating | Recurrent Training Certificates | Flight Simulator

The Training: What's Involved and What to Expect...

During your flight school training, you will be instructed in many different areas of aeronautical knowledge, including:

  • Fundamentals of Flight
  • Meteorology and Weather
  • Aircraft Performance and Weights & Balance
  • Navigation by Radio Aids and Charts
  • Aeronautical Decision Making

To obtain your license, you must pass three exams.  The first exam is a simple written test - the FAA has published questions and answers that you may review to prepare for the exam.  If you have the time to commit to studying the information, you will be able to begin your training NOW! 

The second and third exams are the Practical - the checkride with a Designated Examiner from the FAA who issues pilot licenses.  First, you must pass an oral exam in which you answer questions on the above subjects.  Next, you and the examiner will go up in the airplane so that you may demonstrate the maneuvers that you have learned during your training.  If you perform satisfactorily on both of these exams, your new certificate is printed immediately.

LaserGrade Testing Center

AirQuest Aviation is a LaserGrade Sponsored Testing Center.

To inquire about a test, please call 1-800-211-2754.

Benefits of Private Aviation

How will flight training benefit your business? 

Throughout the country, there are businesses located at most airports which are called Fixed Based Operators (FBO).  These FBO's provide places to park your plane (98% of the time for free!) and have fuel available for purchase. The more established FBO's often have courtesy cars that may be taken without charge - or if you're in need of a car for more than a few hours - rental cars may be available. The convenience provided when you need to travel, ensures you can find the closest airport and simply fly in and park your plane at an FBO! It's as simple as that!

You've Passed: What's Next?

After passing the Private Pilot checkride, you will be able to fly to almost any location and any airport - day or night.  You may carry passengers, although you may not be paid to do so.  There are certain stipulations to follow, for instance you may be reimbursed for using the aircraft for business and you can split the pro-rata costs of operating the aircraft with your passengers.  You may not fly in the clouds or when the weather is bad.

The Instrument Rating allows you to file and fly IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) and operate under the same rules that commercial airlines fly under.  You may go through as many clouds as you can find and fly in any conditions you feel confident in.  Instrument Rating training is available at the AirQuest Aviation Flight School.