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Private Pilot

The Private Pilot License allows a pilot to operate any aircraft in the single engine land category.  It may also be used for business or pleasure, although you may not be paid to fly the airplane.  The private pilot instruction is available under the AirQuest Aviation Part 61 Course.  Your training will be comprised of extensive ground school and four phases of flight training.

First Phase

Will prepare you to fly a solo flight.  With a nominal number of lessons and your instructor's approval, you could be flying solo after 10 to 15 hours of training.

Second Phase

Will prepare you to fly to different airports which are at least 50 miles away, with your instructor.  You and your instructor will fly 2 or 3 of these flights to prepare you for the next phase of your training.

Third Phase

Will prepare you to fly your solo cross-country flight.  After your cross-country training, your instructor will look over your route of flight for each solo cross-country flight.  Once this is complete, you will move to the fourth and final phase.

Fourth Phase

Will prepare you for the FAA checkride.  With the combined solo flight time as well as instruction, you will need 40 total hours to be eligible for a Private Pilot License.  With this license, the sky is the limit!

Course Eligibility:

No prior aviation experience is required.  Applicant must have reached their 17th birthday prior to graduation and must have a minimum Class 3 FAA medical certificate.

Completion Requirements:

  • At least 40 hours of flight time, of which 20 must be dual (with instructor) and 10 must be solo
  • 70% or better score on FAA Written Exam
  • Successful completion of the FAA Practical Exam

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