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The 2023 G6 SR22
Where Innovation Meets Unrivaled Performance

Introducing the 2023 G6 Cirrus SR22 - a truly state-of-the-art aircraft that redefines private aviation. This plane is brand new and loaded with every option you could imagine, combining comfort, efficiency, and leading-edge technology. It's not just a plane; it's a celebration of unparalleled craftsmanship and advanced engineering.

Technical Specifications

Model: 2023 G6 Cirrus SR22

Hours Flown: 60 Hours (AS NEW)

Condition: No Damage History

Warranty: 3 Years Spinner to Tail

  • Perspective+ Avionics Cockpit: The next generation in flight technology offering a comprehensive, all-glass avionics panel that includes flight displays, flight planning, navigation, communication, and more.

  • All Digital 4-in 1-Standby Instrument: A digital lifesaver that provides critical flight information even in the unlikely event of a primary instrument failure.

  • Enhanced Stability Protection (ESP): A cutting-edge technology designed to prevent the onset of stalls, spins, and other potentially hazardous flight conditions.

  • Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT): Get a detailed 3D picture of your flying environment, boosting situational awareness, especially during night or instrument meteorological conditions.

  • Enhanced Vision System (EVS): This thermal imaging technology lets you see more of your surroundings than ever before, providing unprecedented levels of safety during nighttime or in poor weather conditions.

  • FIKI (Flight Into Known Icing): Be confident in flying into known icing conditions with FIKI - an active wing protection system that removes ice buildup.

  • Hartzell 3-Bladed Prop: Enjoy improved performance and reduced cabin noise with the reliable Hartzell 3-Bladed Propeller.

  • Air Conditioning: A high-performance air conditioning system ensures a comfortable climate in the cockpit and cabin, no matter what the weather outside is like.

  • Tubeless Tires & Beringer Brakes: These modern improvements offer increased durability, quicker response, and superior stopping power.


PRICE: $1,150,000

Outside AQ_Side View.jpg
N117SM Inside - Right Door View
N117SM Indoors.HEIC
Front View_Open Doors.jpg


For more details please complete the form below, or contact Matt Steele at 724-586-6023 x31400

Thanks for inquiring about the N117SM Aircraft we have for sale. Someone from our team will be in touch soon!

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